Today, public relations
is constantly evolving.

Never before has managing and protecting your brand, or even launching one, been as complex and multifaceted.

Successfully navigate this dynamic communications’ landscape.
Expert guidance from a PR team whose core consideration is your image and reputation, wherever and however they appear.

Our Original Thinking® cracks the code and gets results.
At Graham & Associates, a San Francisco public relations firm recognized as a “Leading PR Firm in North America,” we apply Original Thinking® to cut through the clutter.

Each campaign is customized to achieve your PR and business goals.
Our national and international break-through initiatives build and sustain efficient, effective business outcomes using communications strategies and techniques in: brand positioning and refinement, traditional public relations, online PR, social media and marketing communications. 

Every brand has a story …
… one that resonates with, engages and motivates customers and influencers. We will help you identify and communicate yours.

  • ThinkPodium®

    Visit our blog, ThinkPodium, where we explore the latest trends, share our observations of today’s dynamic PR & communications landscape and reflect on the intersection of the two — call it California Dreaming.

  • More than 100 industry awards and still counting…

    Our PR agency's world-class experience creating outstanding public relations & communications programs has garnered awards for leading brands across diverse industries.

  • Agency updates

    Contact us in San Francisco to learn how our communications firm can help you stand out, create motivating PR buzz, cut through the clutter and achieve and surpass your goals. Graham received four 2015 Magellan Awards for Best Agency Campaign and Top 10 Communication...

Creativity in communication is about uncovering what is already there but hasn’t been discovered yet, something authentic and unique that creates a powerful and sustainable marketing PR platform.
Lydia Graham
The Creative Side of Public Relations
Thompson Publishing
San Francisco Public Relations Firm Resources

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