QuantifyPR — Measure Communications & PR Results

Measuring ROI and the impact of a public relations or communications program is important to marketers and even more so to the C-suite. We help you speak that language.

Graham & Associates’ in-depth measurement programs give marketers a true picture of success. Our QuantifyPR advanced customizable measurement suite is available to measure communications and PR results against business objectives and aids in more effective campaign planning. We empower marketers with critical data to help you answer questions from upper management, investors and boards.

Our measurement suite provides traditionally used quantitative metrics, i.e., outputs, as well as more sophisticated analyses of the qualitative factors, i.e., outtakes (what audiences understood) and outcomes (quantifiable changes). We can analyze programs at many levels, meeting different organizational needs such as increase in brand awareness, brand recognition, sales conversion rate, share of discussion/voice, category establishment and finally return-on-investment on PR. These services are customizable to meet your specific needs and budget.

Shouldn’t the bottom line of any public relations program be results? At Graham & Associates, we think so.

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