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At Graham and Associates, we know our success is rooted in your success. We are committed to helping you achieve your communications goals, both short and long term. And, we also like to share our award-winning expertise.

As part of this commitment, we offer custom on-site and off-site communications workshops for qualified corporations, start-ups and non-profit organizations seeking to enhance existing skills, to develop more effective communications insights, approaches and outcomes.

Our expert facilitators share key insights, best practices and the latest state-of-the-art techniques to help your team develop creative, disciplined and innovative internal and external communications programs.

Whether it’s a half-day program on integrating social media into your existing PR communications programs, a full-day leadership or team communications skills training session or a PR media training session, Graham brings the same passion and expertise to our trainings that we bring to delivering world-class campaigns for our clients.

These following customized workshops are available upon request and can be
conducted onsite or offsite for groups or individuals. Please contact us at or at 415-986-7212 for more information and pricing.

View details of our current workshops.

Full and Half-Day* Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

Whether being interviewed for a story, chatting with a journalist over coffee, or giving a presentation to customers, employees or investors, media training builds winning communication skills. This course empowers you with the skills to convey your key points quickly and to stay on message even under fire.

In the first half of the workshop we implement rigorous training in voice, speech, content development, storytelling and the power of gesture. In the second half, we move into media training which includes the ABCs of message delivery, how to bridge, avoid negative traps and integrate quotable soundbites into your conversation. The seminar concludes with on-camera and recorded practice sessions.

*half-day sessions may not include all of these components due to time constraints

Full Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

Critical to the success of any communications and marketing effort is having the right positioning and message. We facilitate this intensive session with management teams using a proven discovery process that uncovers the issues and determines the messages that must and must not be communicated, and then tailor them to target constituencies. Finally, we lead the session into the final stage of positioning and message creation to reveal your unique point of difference and establish a core set of key and supporting messages.

These messages will be ready to use in marketing and as talking points in presentations, communications (internal and external) and media interviews. As a bonus, you’ll have your 30-second elevator pitch in hand!

Full-Day Workshop Overview
(for in-house staff at start-ups and non-profits)

The objective of this workshop is to empower you with an understanding of how to work with various media (traditional print and broadcast, bloggers and online media, and social networks) and help you develop a familiarity with the appropriate tools and tactics and learn how to use them.

The morning session will focus on an overview of the changing media landscape and how to develop a media strategy for key target audiences in today’s world. We will discuss the state of the current media, how they work and how to work with them.

The afternoon session will be more tactical and provide an in-depth understanding of PR tools, key strategies for their application and available resources. This session will highlight how PR tactics can help drive traffic to your site and increase search engine optimization and overall brand visibility.

Full-Day Workshop Overview

Trying to navigate the world of social media? Not sure where the online opportunities are? Do you need to know how social media can be embedded in your existing marketing plan? Then Social Media One-on-One is designed for you.

This intensive one-day social media workshop empowers you with the knowledge of social media channels and how you can impact/build brand awareness, attract new customers, forge long-term relationships and complement your overall marketing efforts. Address strategic concerns and receive hands-on training on some of the new media marketing tools such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other industry-specific networks), blogs, videos, photos and emerging social media tools. Learn social media do’s and don’ts and how to synchronize all of your social media activities to ensure brand message consistency.

Full-Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

Effective business communication is important to both personal and team success. Sharpening these skills can help you accomplish more by successfully communicating with and influencing others. Whether it’s negotiating with upper management, facilitating a project team or persuading a customer, the outcomes often rely on the ability to communicate well.

Communicating effectively as a team is also critical. Each interaction is an opportunity for building relationships. When we communicate, we either create or tear down the relationship with the person we are speaking with.

By attending this seminar you will learn:

  • How to make every interaction one that builds key relationships
  • Essential tools to problem-solve issues together
  • A method to manage conflict with others

Master the communications skills that are essential to business success today.

Full-Day Workshop Overview (individual or group sessions)

Conflict in the workplace can be disruptive. The fact that conflict exists, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. When resolved effectively, it can lead to personal and professional growth. Effective conflict resolution skills can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes.

By resolving conflict successfully, you can solve many of the problems that originally surfaced while receiving unexpected benefits:

  • Increased awareness and understanding
  • Increased group cohesion, mutual respect and a renewed ability to work together
  • Improved self-knowledge: examination of goals and priorities, sharpening focus and enhancing effectiveness

When not handled effectively, conflict can be damaging. Teamwork breaks down, people disengage and a downward spiral of negativity and recrimination ensues.

Learn practical skills to effectively manage workplace conflict. Make conflict an opportunity to listen and re-establish work relationships.

Full One to Two Days Workshop Overview (individual and group sessions)

Designed specifically for the human resource professional, this course covers these topics in depth:

Effectively contracting with internal clients:

  • Making offers you can keep
  • Never work harder than your client

Team Facilitation

  • Have tools to assist in coordination, accountability and decision-making
  • Meetings that work: teach teams to design and facilitate
  • Teach the team to deal with conflict effectively

Coaching Leaders

  • How to create a coaching relationship
  • Help the leader create an environment of maximum productivity and minimum competition

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