Corporate and Spokesperson Thought Leadership
Visibility Programs

At Graham & Associates, our dedicated thought leadership programs are a strategic mix of initiatives that propel your organization and spokespersons to a position of prominence in your category. Leadership has its ultimate advantages — more visibility, more customers, more sales and more funding opportunities.

Achieving high visibility doesn’t happen overnight, nor by accident. That’s where we come in. We apply our Original Thinking® to develop customized and strategic thought leadership campaigns that leverage the 3rd party credibility of media and industry analysts. We position your spokespersons as expert sources for industry commentary, present speaking opportunities, merchandise white papers and byline articles, generate content and develop strategies to maximize blogging and social media.

Claiming leadership is about delivering a new, distinct point of view on important industry issues, evangelizing your intellectual capital, being an authoritative source and, ultimately, maybe even the source.

At Graham, we pull it all together so you stand out, leaving others to wonder how you got there. Our secret.

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