International Public Relations
Global Reach, Personal Attention

At Graham and Associates, we work with international companies seeking to launch or solidify their position in North America and North American companies seeking exposure abroad. To date, we have created successful PR and communications programs promoting products and services for companies from Asia, Europe, Mexico and the South Pacific, to name a few.

In 2001, Graham co-founded Plexus, an exclusive organization of eight elite international PR and strategic communications agencies to offer remarkable reach and efficiencies of scale, while providing our clients with local knowledge, personalized service and strategic planning in more than 14 countries.

Strategic creativity is our secret sauce and we have plenty of it. Our work has been singled out internationally:

“Special Creativity Award,” International Public Relations Association.
“Best Communications Campaign: North America,” International Business Awards.
“Best Agency Communications Campaign (worldwide),” League of American  Communications Professionals LLC.

For U.S.-based companies seeking to expand into Europe or South America, we offer centralized global strategy by Graham coupled with on-the-ground implementation and localization by Plexus plus the added convenience of English-speaking, U.S.-based account coordination of public relations programs in multiple countries.

Expanding your international PR reach has never been easier or more effective. For more information on how our agency can work with you to create a seamless international program infused with Original Thinking®, contact us at

We offer on-the-ground communications programs in these countries:

Austria France Sweden
Canada Germany Switzerland
Chile Italy United Kingdom
Denmark Norway United States
Finland Spain

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