An Experienced Technology Public Relations Firm

With more than a decade of agency success working with national and international technology companies – we understand how to decipher, communicate and launch innovation. From representing large category leaders, global institutes and large technology tradeshows and exhibitions to lean start-ups with big ideas – our solid understanding of the tech landscape and its various industry sectors/audiences enable us to deploy strong technology public relations services aligned with your bottom-line business goals.

Specialists in Tech PR

Strategically located in San Francisco, California, near Silicon Valley, we know which way the press and industry analysts are leaning and what tomorrow’s trends are today. Having helped clients navigate this terrain from our early beginnings, we’ve come to understand the blistering pace and immense pressure that make tech PR a time zone all its own.

Let Us Help You Succeed

Harnessing the power of our Original Thinking®, and our agency’s suite of specialized technology PR services, we have what it takes to break through today’s information clutter, put your technology and company out in front, ahead of the pack, and secure your leadership in category innovation.

Recognized for Award-winning PR



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