Green Public Relations
& Social Responsibility Communications

While seemingly indestructible, the world is in an extremely fragile state, both environmentally and socioeconomically.

At Graham & Associates, a green public relations agency, our passion to make a difference with our expertise in environmental PR and communications inspires us to represent businesses and organizations that make a difference — those dedicated to protecting and preserving Planet Earth and the rights of its inhabitants.

Our vast and diverse experience includes environmental and issues-related organizations, green technologies, products and services, sustainable development and eco-tourism, human rights and services, and cause-related companies passionate about leading green and sustainable practices. Our firm's understanding of a triple bottom line enables us to further our clients' green and social causes and engage constituents, consumers and the media via our variety of services.

We infuse each program with customized communications and public relations techniques and a healthy dose of Original Thinking® to cut through today’s clutter and gain the visibility your cause and organization deserve.

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