Messaging & Positioning Strategy
Your Coordinates for Brand Leadership

Simply telling the world about your organization, product or service isn’t enough. The key is “what” you tell them, i.e., your message. And then, communicating that message clearly and consistently.

Just like a fine-tuned GPS system, public relations firm Graham & Associates can help you pinpoint your coordinates and develop a well executed messaging and positioning strategy, finding and honing how you communicate your unique point of difference. Using Original Thinking®, we identify that breakthrough intersection where your product/service meets the unmet needs of the marketplace, then we help you articulate it.

Brand Building PR

We build brands via consistent and repeated messaging. Once we identify your core brand message set, we embed these in your materials and train your spokespersons (formally or informally) so that everyone in the organization is on-message. Your executive team, employees and customers will all know what you stand for.

If you’re ready to find your coordinates for brand leadership, we can help.

See our Messaging Workshops.

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