Internal Communications
Grow Leaders & Brand Ambassadors

As companies grow, retrench or are faced with rapid change, corporate internal communications can break down or become more challenging. It’s easy to outgrow channels that once worked for keeping employees and vendors motivated and informed.

Graham and Associates can help. We can assess your current internal communications’ effectiveness and identify areas to enhance. From there, we suggest methods to improve one- and two-way communication in teams, large meetings and among your key leaders.

Then, we build an internal communications plan to achieve your desired results. Suggested actions can include: a meeting audit, a plan to create buy-in throughout the organization for important new initiatives or branding, the development of a mission and code of client service, and executive coaching for leaders.

Training & Seminars

For those needing less comprehensive programs, we also provide corporate communications training and seminars in team and leadership development, managing conflict effectively and making your brand real.


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