Online PR and media – it’s a big world out there.

While there is crossover from traditional media like print, TV and radio, securing online PR coverage beyond just reprints requires Original Thinking® to tell your story to online journalists and influential bloggers successfully. It takes technical skill, sound strategy and planning to navigate the online media world. Writing effective SEO news releases, leveraging RSS feeds, meta tags, images and video, building online newsrooms and blogs, and monitoring the buzz are just some of our core tactics.

Putting the glory of that big MSN story aside, let’s talk monitoring. With blogs, discussion threads, and social media, readers comment, link, tweet and share via social bookmarking tools—all within seconds. So, online PR also means anticipating and addressing situations … before they’re out of control. Here, expertise is paramount.

Increasingly, online versions are read as much as or, in some cases, even more than print editions. While “above the fold” stories still count, securing a spot in the “most viewed” list does, too.

Our public relations agency expertise ensures full integration of online PR and media into your overall marketing communications strategy.

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