Public Relations for Healthcare Technology Innovation

Graham’s Rejuvis® brings an experienced team and Original Thinking® to your healthcare technology public relations needs. As an innovative company ourselves, we enjoy the opportunity to promote innovation and contribute to changing the lives of others.

Healthcare information technology (HCIT) is the mot du jour with hospitals and health systems, with private insurers and with government agencies. With costs and quality assurance taking central roles in the healthcare arena, increasing attention is being paid to the potential HCIT has to lower healthcare spending and improve the efficiency, quality and safety of medical care delivery.

Health IT systems have the ability to increase adherence to clinical guidelines, enhance disease surveillance, and decrease medication errors. Private and public organizations, alike, are focused on finding effective uses for IT in the healthcare sector. Increasingly, healthcare technologies empower and enhance the health, appearance, well-being and quality of life for many healthcare consumers. And, personal health records and behavior - change systems allow access to vital information at their fingertips.

If you need an innovative public relations program to promote your innovative technology, call our PR firm or contact us.

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