The Right Story, at the Right Time and Place …
to the Right Audience

At Graham and Associates, we believe the heart of successful communications and public relations lies in the art of skillful storytelling. Since time began, stories are how humans have connected. It’s simply the how, where and speed of storytelling and the competition for our mindshare that have changed.

Today, telling the right story at the right time in the right place to reach the right audience is the key — whether it appears in a short YouTube video, magazine feature, television broadcast or social network conversation string.

With Original Thinking®, we uncover the fresh, essential story that expresses what really matters — often in a way that hasn’t been considered before. It starts with developing a clear and compelling message, then shaping a narrative and choosing a platform that will engage your audience and break through today’s information clutter.

Want to move your brand faster into the minds and dialogue of your constituents?

We can help. Your story is our business.

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