Aging Well & Longevity
An Insights-based Approach to Public Relations

Aging catches up with everyone. It’s a human condition over which we have no control, beginning the moment we are born. What we can control is the quality, vitality, and ideally, the longevity of our years. While aging is highly individualized, physical and psychographic segmentation and generational demographics also play a key role.

Our Original Thinking® uncovers insights about your audiences’ – their needs, desires and behaviors around aging and longevity as well as how they see themselves in this process. From these insights, we develop successful public relations programs.

There is no old anymore – just older. Baby Boomers, for example, are unwilling to just “age gracefully.” GenX’ers are more aware than ever of preventing aging. And younger audiences today are faced with unprecedented lifestyle and environmental stressors that accelerate aging.

Graham’s Rejuvis® serves the burgeoning market of product and services that support us as we age including: senior living communities, wellness destinations, prevention programs, disease management, new anti-aging treatments, and technologies and medical devices that improve and extend our quality of life.

If your company‘s goal is to really reach and engage these audiences, call our firm and ask about our PR services or contact us.

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