A 360° Communications and Public Relations Experience

At Graham and Associates, we understand the importance of using every available channel to get your message out. Here, traditional approaches are augmented with new and innovative PR strategies. We explore all alternatives.

But, we never allow our embrace of emerging communication channels to distract us from choosing the right ones to tell an authentic story that builds your brand.

Today, there are no places to hide. As media and communication methods keep changing, online and social media initiatives affect your brand offline and vice versa. It’s now truly a 360-degree seamless experience. Audiences touch and interact with your company everywhere, every day and in every way. Yet, messages must remain consistent across all PR, communications and the user experience.

We consider this reality in crafting our Original Thinking® communications and PR campaigns. Our PR agency gets to the essential message, removes the clutter surrounding it and encourages your audience’s deep engagement via traditional and emerging platforms, all with your reputation in mind.

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