Public Relations Services
An Overview of Our Strategies and Tactics

At Graham & Associates, there are no cookie-cutter, prefab solutions — only unique clients, well-defined goals and customized public relations programs.

We offer all the PR services and solutions you’d expect, and some you might not. Here, you can rely on an inclusive creative process, Original Thinking®, a bold and strategic point-of-view and an unyielding commitment to results.

On the following pages, you’ll learn about the innovative tools and public relations strategies and tactics we can employ to help you grow your business. From thought leadership to national and regional media relations and international PR, from company and product launches to positioning strategy, from internal communications to external online PR and content development, we’ve got a lot up our sleeve to ensure your success. In planning your public relations program, we will strategically recommend specific PR services based on your unique objectives, market scenario and budget.

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