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Original Thinking.
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It’s said as humans, we use only 10% of our brains. Not here, we don’t. We approach each public relations and communications campaign with a fervent search for originality. We discover what will make your organization stand out, get noticed, and receive the PR, buzz and attention you deserve.

At Graham & Associates, our Original Thinking® is about harnessing authentic brand character, developing powerful messaging and tapping trends and conversations in the current environment to arrive at the strategic intersection of “what matters” to accelerate positive brand and PR outcomes.

It’s tough to break through in today’s oversaturated, always-on communications environment, but we do it time and again by developing campaigns that connect with your audiences. Our firm’s approach allows us to move faster, focus on effective outcomes, provide measurable results and deliver consistent value for our clients.

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Original Thinking. It’s where smart PR and creative communications start.

Fame may be fleeting but obscurity is forever.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Original Thinking: Exploring Our Process

What is Original Thinking? We identify what will make your product or company stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

With consideration given to real-time trends and the tenor of the current landscape, we strategically uncover and identify the hidden intersection between your unique point of difference and the unmet needs of the marketplace.

By zeroing in on this opportunity, we create a powerful and authentic breakthrough message platform that closes the gap between you and your customer.

Our proven and award-winning approach to campaigns and campaign initiatives accelerates brand mindshare and delivers outstanding and effective, on-target media and communications results.

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