PR & Media Relations – What’s Behind a Headline?

The media world has gone through total upheaval as it grapples to reinvent its business model and content. Many feared it might disappear. But it hasn’t, though it’s changed. Now delivered every which way — from print to social networks and smart phones — media is more personalized and contextualized than ever. Millions of consumers still read/view what journalists are saying about their world (be it B2B or B2C). Editorial, and those coveted headline stories, remain vital to your marketing communications.

At Graham & Associates, we engage in Original Thinking®. It takes strategic messaging and skillful storytelling to capture media attention. We find that timely news hook, build your media relations campaign strategy, write masterful optimized media materials and create that perfect pitch while leveraging our far-reaching agency media contacts on your behalf. But it doesn’t stop there. We analyze and continually manage your image in the press.

There’s nothing like the rush (of adrenalin and customers) that comes from seeing your organization in headlines — we can help.

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